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Revision of 2 January 2018
Acceptance and Purpose of Terms

Please read these Terms of Use carefully. These Terms and Conditions govern your access and use of this site and are designed to regulate the relations between Alfastack Ltd., a company with a principal place of business at Plovdivsko Pole Street 11, Office 7, 1756 Sofia, Bulgaria, VAT ID: BG204028764 (“Provider”) and the end-users (“Users”) of the services provided by the Provider. By accessing or using this site you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you don't agree with these terms, please do not visit or use this website or Service.

Service provided

Alfastack.net is a website building platform, that lets you create your own website and manage your online presence. Each website is linked to a unique User e-mail address. The services provided are grouped into packages: Basic and Advanced.

  • The Basic Package includes: Single-Language Personalized Responsive Website, Basic SEO Optimization (Code Optimization, Alternate Text for Images and Links), Secure Hosting with Subdomain name (website.alfastack.net), Daily Backups of Website.
  • The Advanced Package includes: Multi-Language Personalized Responsive Website, Advanced SEO Optimization (Code Optimization, Alternate Text for Images and Links, Google Analytics, Custom Keywords, Control and Monitoring, etc.), Secure Hosting with Your Own Domain Name (yourwebsite.tld), 5 E-mail Accounts @yourwebsite.tld, Daily Backups of Website.

Currently, it is only possible to register domains in the .com, .net, .org, .info, .eu domains. The user selects which of the packages will use and the period for which he will use it. The selection and requesting of the bundled service packages is made through the alfastack.net website. The requested package is activated and the domain registration request is started after the payment has been confirmed. After expiration of the period for which the service package is paid, the service package is deactivated. Renewal of the paid service package is done before it expires, and in the case of registration of a domain, within the term specified by the respective register. The Provider sends emails reminding you of expiring paid services.

Rights and Obligations of the User

1. The User has the right to access the services provided by the Provider, located at http://alfastack.net, subject to these terms and conditions. To be able to manage the use of the Services, the user should enter a valid email address. The security of the email address with which the website is registered is the responsibility of the User.

2. The user is obligated not to publish on the website materials,

  • which contradict Bulgarian law and applicable foreign laws
  • which violate copyright or trademarks
  • whose content violates human rights or freedoms
  • which violate any proprietary or non-material rights or legitimate interests of third parties
  • which contain erotic, pornographic or other adult content, or contain links to such content
  • which present promotional services for making money on the Internet through clicks, or pay-per-click advertising or traffic-generating programs (auto surf, traffic exchange)
  • which can mislead or leave an impression that you are another person or organization
  • which require accounts or passwords on other websites
  • which contain misleading information for the purpose of material benefit
  • which contain viruses, trojans, hacks or other destructive or dangerous content
  • which contradict ethics and good morals

3. The User is obligated to use the provided services,

  • in compliance with Bulgarian legislation, applicable foreign laws and current conditions
  • by following professional ethics, moral rules and good faith
  • to notify the Provider immediately of any known infringement, occurred by using the Service
  • Not to promote their website(s) on alfastack.net using unsolicited emails (spam) or in undesirable comments, posts on other websites, etc.
Additional conditions for registering a domain
  • Submitting a domain registration request does not immediately reserve the selected domain name until it is paid and registered.
  • The Provider is not responsible if the selected domain name is registered by another person, before the User makes the payment, and before the Provider registers the domain.
  • The domain name must not infringe intellectual property rights, personal rights, or other rights
  • Domain registration requires personal data from the relevant Doman Registrar. The Provider does not store this information.
  • The Provider is not responsible if the personal data provided by the User is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, and this leads to the refusal of registration or the termination of registration by the respective Domain Registrar.
  • The Provider is not responsible if the domain name is requested/registered by a third party after the expiration of the registration period, the renewal price is different, or the domain has been deleted from the respective Domain Registrar due to delayed renewal payment.
  • Domain access and management may be suspended in the case proof of trademark infringement, court or arbitration decision is present.
  • For cases undescribed above, the laws of Republic of Bulgaria and the rules of the international organizations for domain name management apply.
Additional Terms Using Your Own Domain

Alfastack.net DNS servers can only be used when the domain is registered through alfastack.net or the domain points to a website on the alfastack.net servers.

Rights and Obligations of the Provider

1. The Provider is not responsible for the content published, posted and/or uploaded by the Users of the Service.

2. The Provider does not claim ownership of the content created by Users of the Service.

3. The Provider has the right to disable any website at its own discretion, or if the website is in violation of these terms.

4. The Provider reserves the right to change the terms of use of the Service without notice.

5. The provider has the right to delete the User's website(s) no earlier than 6 months after the expiration date of the paid service package, which the User has activated. Before deleting the website(s), the website(s) will be stopped for a period of 6 months during which the user can restore or retain the website(s).

6. The Provider has the right to refuse support for certain old versions of browsers.

Free trial and Payment Refunds

We are happy to offer a 14-day free trial for our Basic service package. Amounts for paid services at alfastack.tk can be refunded within 7 days of the date of their payment. Domain name payments are not refunded.

Personal Information

We care about your privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more about our practices concerning personal information.

Thank you for choosing to use our services.

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